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The following Kuali forms will be disabled on 6/15 in preparation for the transition from Kuali to Workday. You will be able to access an updated version of these forms in Workday under Business Forms Dashboard beginning 7/8.

  • User Access Request Document
  • Create New Account
  • Change an Account
  • Corporate Card Changes Document (disabled on 6/30)
  • Financial Aid Account Document

For more information, visit imagine.usc.edu or email imagine@usc.edu

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If you need system access, see the information on the User Access page of this website.


Kuali Course Scheduling Form

The Kuali Course Scheduling Form has been disabled as of June 02, 2021. Use the Section Scheduling Form at https://usc.curriculog.com for your section scheduling requests.  For questions, please email classroom.scheduling@usc.edu

Cognos BI to Cognos 11 Migration

As of January 22, 2021, the Cognos BI has been migrated to Cognos 11. Please click here to find out more about the upgrade

DVQE replaced by the new Travel & Expense Portal

As of May 1, 2019, the new Travel & Expense Portal (SAP Concur) has replaced the KFS Disbursement Voucher Quick Expense (DVQE reimbursement) module, which will no longer be used. The Travel & Expense Portal supports all university-related business expenses for travel, events, meals, and non-travel purchases for USC faculty, staff, students, and guests. For information, please visit the following site: https://procurement.usc.edu/training/dvqe/

You can now delete Final and Cancelled eDocs from your Action List

Kuali system users now have the ability to remove from their action list any eDocs in FINAL or CANCELLED status that are still shown with a requested action of Approve, Cancel, or Complete, even though there is no way for you to take those actions. This new functionality will only delete an eDoc from your action list, not from the Kuali system itself. You and other users can still look up that eDoc by searching for its Document ID number. For step-by-step instructions on how to delete these inactive eDocs from your action list, please see the “Deleting FINAL and CANCELLED eDocs that Remain in Your Action List” section in the newly updated Kuali Basics Reference & Training Guide.

Now Available: “Planning and Projections” Tool

The Planning and Projections tool is an online capability within the IBM Cognos TM1 software that supports the management of funds at USC through financial forecasting. This tool offers a financial projection modeling system upon which budget and planning scenario models can be built, providing visibility into available funding across fiscal years for the purposes of financial decision support.

The Planning and Projections tool is being made available to principal investigators, departments, centers, and schools for the purpose of creating financial cost projections for a portfolio of accounts. Core features include structured projection templates, flexible projection sheets, and customizable reports, as well as a feature to create personalized scenarios (conservative, moderate, aggressive) that can be shared as appropriate.

We are implementing the Planning and Projections tool in phases. In the first phase, we implemented projection functionality for current unrestricted, gift, and endowment funds in a top-down, trend-based approach. This functionality became available in May 2018, with additional enhancements introduced in June 2018.

The second phase will create research, effort, payroll, and budget reallocation models for sponsored and restricted funds in a bottom-up approach. Phase 2.0 is expected to include the following financial projection visibility:

  • Research, Effort, General Expense, Travel, Principal Investigator Summary Report
  • Sponsored Project Accounting budget reallocation (SPA/BR)

Phase 2.1 is expected to include the following financial projection template:

  • Payroll

NOTE: The Phase 2.0 “go-live” date for the Research projection model is currently pending the onboarding of a new team of Business Analysts. We anticipate updating the project schedule in Autumn of 2019 based on the conclusion of an assessment. The Payroll projection model phase will follow the conclusion of the Research deployment.

To obtain more information about the Planning and Projections tool, submit your inquiries via email to data@usc.edu