About Kuali Cashiering

USC’s Kuali Cashiering functions are cash management modules in the Kuali Financial System. Electronic documents (“eDocs”) are used to enter information into the system, and they are then routed by KFS for approvals. On final approval, eDoc transactions are passed to the University’s General Ledger (GL).

The Kuali system-generated eDoc numbers track all transactions. Deposit slips have been created for every university department. These deposit slips along with a Kuali system eDoc ensure that deposits are credited to the correct department. eDoc numbers correspond to the G Receipt number on the department’s ASR. Departmental Batch numbers are no longer used to track departmental deposits. There is one Batch number per campus per day; it is the Cash Management eDoc number.

Keeping records of deposits. University policy stipulates that all departments that deposit with the Cashier’s Office must be able to reconstruct their check deposits. By “reconstruct” it is meant that each department must photocopy/scan check deposits in order to identify deposited checks by maker, check number, dollar amount, etc. This will facilitate replacement in the event of loss.

Contact us: If you have questions or need further clarification on the information presented here or any Banking procedure, we encourage your inquires by calling the Cashier’s Merchant Window at 213-740-2877 (UPC) or 323-442-3040 (HSC).

Cashiering User Roles / Access Rules

  • Initiators of Cashiering eDocs must have received appropriate training and must apply for access. (To register for training, please go to the Kuali Cashiering Training Registration page.)
  • Approver roles are optional and determined by each business center (contact your SBO).
  • User groups are not currently applicable for Cashiering eDocs.

Cashiering eDocs

Cashiering transaction eDocs are accessed from the Financial Processing sub-menu under Transactions on the Financial Main Menu page of KFS. The eDocs used by the Cashiering application are Cash Receipt, Credit Card Receipt, and Advance Deposit. The Cashier’s Office also uses the Cash Management eDoc, which is accessed from the Financial Processing sub-menu under Administrative Transactions on the Financial Main Menu page.

  • Cash Receipt (CR): Used to record cash and checks received by departments for bank deposits, processed by the Cashier’s Office, via the Cash Management Document.
  • Credit Card Receipt (CCR): Income generated by credit cards must be processed through a credit card terminal. If your department does not have its own credit card terminal, the Cashier’s Merchant Window — located in the Student Union, Room 106 (STU106) for UPC, and in Seaver Residence Hall (SRH 101B) for HSC — provides a credit card terminal for departments to process credit card payments.
  • Advance Deposit (AD): Used by departments that transact their own bank deposits, without processing through the Cashier’s Office. The Advance Deposit eDoc distributes the deposit to the appropriate accounts.
  • Cash Management: Used by the Cashier’s Office to total the university’s bank deposits for the day, one Cash Management document per campus. The day’s Cash Receipt eDocs are attached to the daily Cash Management eDoc.

Import File Templates for Cashiering eDocs

The CR, CCR, and AD eDocs include several “tab” sections in which you can enter individual lines of data manually. Some of these tabs also include an “import lines” button that enables you to import multiple line entries into that tab from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.

You can download specially created Excel files that are designed to be used as import file templates for the various Cashiering eDocs. The template files are organized from left to right with column headings that correspond to those on the destination tab of each particular eDoc type. Links to all currently available import templates for Cashiering eDocs can found be on the Cashiering eDoc Import Templates page of this website.

Cashiering User Guide

To view or download a PDF version of the Kuali Cashiering User Guide, click here.

Deposit Business Rules for KFS Cashiering

Each accounting line entered for Cash Receipts, Credit Card Receipts, or Advance Deposits must comply with the business rules included in the Cashiering Deposit Business Rules document. (To view or download a PDF version, click here). If the fund group, account, or object code does not qualify, an error message will be displayed, directing the user to refer to this same document. Also included in this document are the deposit rules for reduction of expense on unrestricted accounts.

Instructions for Various Types of Cash Deposits

Expand this page’s heading (Cashiering) in the navigation pane on the left to view links to pages of specific instructions for use when preparing deposits of currency, coins, checks, and gifts with CR and AD eDocs.