Kuali Financial System (General Information)

Kuali Basics Reference & Training Guide

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Terminology, Abbreviations, and Acronyms

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About the Kuali System at USC

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) and Kuali Enterprise Workflow (KEW) consist of several applications or “modules,” including Cashiering, Disbursement Vouchers (check requests), Payroll Expense Transfers, Journal Vouchers, Course Scheduling, Internal Billing, Procurement Card Reallocation and eStatements, Capital Asset Management, Purchasing – Accounts Payable (integrated with the USC eMarket), and others.

Kuali uses numerous types of “eDocs.” The term eDoc is short for “electronic document,” an online business transaction initiated by submitting a web-based form. Once submitted, the eDoc is routed electronically through a prescribed sequence of approvers referred to as its workflow routing path. After an eDoc has been routed through its entire approval process, it enters Final status and is maintained in the KFS database for future reference.

Kuali eDocs look like printed forms from a file cabinet, with various kinds of information organized into sections that look like tabs. A selected eDoc will open with its required tabs expanded and optional tabs collapsed. Each tab may be displayed or hidden by clicking on its Show or Hide toggle button. The action buttons, such as Submit and Approve, are located at the bottom of the eDoc.

A system user’s ability to access individual KFS eDocs and processes is restricted to the accounts and organization codes for which he/she has received the necessary permissions. To request access to specific KFS eDocs and related processes, see the User Access page of this website.

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