General Purpose Workflow

The KEW General Purpose Workflow Document is an eDoc that enables you to utilize the routing and tracking capabilities of Kuali when submitting documents other than the financial transactions and user access authorization requests addressed by the various KFS and KEW modules. TheĀ General Purpose Workflow Document can be initiated by any Kuali system user to route documents online, and allows you to attach files and include messages when communicating with other system users in a workflow approval process. The entire history of the document is preserved in one space, making for more efficient collection of information.

Unlike other eDocs, the General Purpose Workflow Document depends entirely on Ad Hoc routing; in other words, it does not have any pre-defined, automatic workflow routing. Therefore, when submitting a General Purpose Workflow eDoc, you must complete the Ad Hoc Recipients tab to specify at least one ad hoc recipient as an approver. If any other Approve requests are added to the eDoc by the approvers you have specified, the additional approvers are appended to the end of the reviewer queue and thus will not interrupt the eDoc’s route path. After it has received all ad hoc approvals, the document will enter FINAL status.