Instructions for Cash Deposits: Gift Cash Receipts

Deposits of Gift Cash Receipts with Cash Receipt & Advance Deposit eDocs

Gift processing procedures for Kuali Cashiering are the same as in the past, with the following exceptions:

  • Copies of checks and correspondence need to be scanned and attached to the eDoc.
  • Any eDoc to gift clearing accounts (298096xxxx) can only have gifts on that eDoc. Non-Gift Cash Receipts should go on separate eDocs.
  • Checks should be limited to 25 checks per eDoc.

After the document is “Final” (for Cash Receipts, this means it has been approved by the Cashier’s Office), the University Advancement – Development Records (ADR) department will handle all entry and booking of charitable contributions into the university’s Contributor Relations System. This policy impacts all KFS Cashier eDocs: Cash Receipt, Credit Card Receipt, and Advance Deposit.

If you have questions or need further clarification on this or any other Banking procedure, we encourage your inquires by calling the Cashier’s Merchant Window at 213-740-2877 (UPC) or 323-442-3040 (HSC).