User Access Request Document

The User Access Request Document is a KEW eDoc that is used to request that specific access rights within Kuali and its related systems be added, changed, or deleted for a given system user. Although users requesting access privilege changes can initiate this eDoc for themselves, it is anticipated that the User Access Request eDoc will most often be completed and submitted for those users by someone designated as a User Access Coordinator for his or her department, school, or business unit.

Note that the User Access Request eDoc can only be used to request user access to Kuali and its linked systems, such as USC eMarket and the Business Intelligence Portal of Cognos reports for KFS. It cannot be used to request access changes for the university’s older financial systems, such as WebBA, Viador Data Warehouse, and FDL (Financial Download system).

For additional information, please refer to the User Access page on this website, and to the Kuali User Access Request guide.